Issue Background

Crisis Services

While this is a much needed resource, it is new and will need ongoing assessment and evaluation to ensure quality aid.

Colorado Crisis Services was formed through SB 13-266 to create a coordinated behavioral health crisis response system in Colorado.  This created a series of supports designed to help Coloradoans in crisis to access mental health services.  

When people experience a mental health crisis, finding help can be difficult.  When confronted with a crisis situation, police and other first responders frequently will take a person to the emergency room or to jail.  Neither location is appropriate for treating a mental health crisis and in many cases makes the situation worse for the individual and drains important resources in the community.

SB 13-266 created a coordinated behavioral health crisis response system in Colorado.  These supports include a 24 hour crisis support line (1-844-493-TALK), Crisis walk-in centers/stabilization units, mobile care, and respite care.  For a full list of these services please visit  The goal of these services is to provide actual mental health care as opposed to forcing people into emergency rooms and jails and gives alternatives for people to access help.

NAMI Colorado is participating on the Behavioral Health Transformation Council to provide oversight to these services.  If you or your loved one have accessed any of these services and have a story to tell about the services you received, we’d like to hear from you.  Your personal stories help us to help Colorado Crisis Services to deliver better services and help us to identify gaps in service.  Your story will remain anonymous but feel free to give any detail that will help us to give guidance to the service providers about their work.



No one should have to struggle alone.